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Former Shitsu Aid Center overlooking Sotome
Remains that can remind you of the deep human love of Father de Rotz
The whole view of the Former Shitsu Aid Center
Passion of thought
Current activities of people involved in the Former Shitsu Aid Center
Welcome to the official Website of the Former Shitsu Aid Center. We look forward to welcoming you.
Father Marco Marie de Rotz
I want to save people in the Sotome from poor life
1879(Meiji 12) Father Marc Marie de Rotz, a French missionary who has been assigned to the Sotome, has a variety of farming, fishing, medical, and educational programs to save local residents from plight. I did an activity. Former Shitsu Aid Center is a delivery facility for women,1883(Meiji 16). It was founded with the cooperation of members of the Church of St. Joseph (later Mary Monk), which was founded and trained by the Father himself. In 2003 in 12, some of these facilities were designated as nationally designated important cultural properties as the remains of valuable birth and welfare facilities in the early Meiji period.
Former Shitsu Aid Centeris indispensable in talking about the history and culture of the region.Conservation of the facility was completed in April of 2013, and it is now open to the public.
Currently, in addition to visiting the facilities, we are also engaged in a variety of hands-on activities with the cooperation of many people who spin the thoughts of Father de Rotz.
We look forward to seeing you.

Nagasaki Harmony 2 Video Introduction (Nagasaki Tourism Federation Video Official Channel)

Nagasaki churches and Christian heritage.A story of feelings over 450 years.
Sisters who usually never stand on the stage have made a special appearance this time to connect their thoughts to the future.
From Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Federation Channel
Accompaniment that quietly sounds in the video was purchased by Father de Rotz around 1889Harmonium (a type of reed organ)The tone.
(Former Shitsu Aid Center, a nursing facility 2F prayer place.)

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Former Shitsu Aid Center
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