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 Welcome to tabedokoro Vauxsuraure.
Tabedokoro vosuroru entrance
De ro pasta
Restaurant name 'Vauxsuraure' came from village name in Normandy, France where is Father de Rotz' hometown.  We serve bread and Vauxsuraure village and Sotome homemade meals cooked with vegetable and flour from local area called 'De Rotz field'. De Rotz field has variety of vegetables such as radish, sweet potato, onion, satoimo, wheat, soba and tea and daily lunch is served with seasonal specialty. Also homemade herbal tea tastes really nice. Please feel free to visit our homemade coffee & Restaurant located a short walk up from Former Shitsu Aid Center.
※Vauxsuraure village is sister city relation with Nagasaki city.

About tabedokoro Vauxsuraure

Restaurant name
tabedokoro Vauxsuraure
Ferm de Sotome: Sugino Hiu
 Opening hours
 Main menu
daily lunch, doro-sama sōmen, doro-sama pasta, vauxsuraure curry
daily lunch: 800 yen
doro-sama sōmen: 300 yen (small) 500yen (large)
doro-sama pasta: 800 yen  
vauxsuraure curry: 800 yen
Nearest bus stop: Shitsu Bunka Mura or Shitsu
※Upper side of Former Shitsu Aid Center

●Specialty for NishiShitsu『Yuukou』

tabedokoro Vauxsuraure provides delicious jelly made by citrus 'Yuukou' grown in Sotome and Doinokubi, Nagasaki, one bite red bean jelly and sweets. Yuukou looks like Yuzu but tastes mild sour with sweetness and good with other foods. It used to be faced with extinction however has been recognized its value and localized .
※As of October 2008, Yuukou has been designated world food heritage 'Ark of taste' (Ajinohakobune) by The Slow Food international headquarters located in Italy which kept traditional food culture.
Say; in this way
The jam which it was like that and cooked which says
Say; in this way

Contact tabedokoro Vauxsuraure

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tabedokoro Vauxsuraure
TEL +81-959-25-0018
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Former Shitsu Aid Center
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