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Guide to Vauxsuraure

 tabedokoro Enjoy your meal at Vauxsuraure.
 * If you wish, please make a reservation (using the inquiry form below or by phone).
TabedokoroVauxsuraure entrance
De Ro Pasta
The name of the shop “Vauxsuraure” comes from the home of Father de Loro, the name of a village in the Normandy region of France.
We mainly serve vegetables and wheat harvested from the fields opened by Father De Lo, which is said to be called “De Ro-sama Field”, as well as home-cooked dishes from Vauxsuraure Village and the open sea, and handmade bread. Many crops such as radish, sweet potato, wheat, buckwheat, onion, taro and tea are cultivated at the “De Loh Farm”, and seasonal items are served daily for lunch.
We also offer home-grown freshly picked herbal teas.
It is a small homemade cafe and restaurant next to the Former Shitsu Aid Center. Please feel free to drop in.
* Vauxsuraure Village and Nagasaki City have a sister city partnership.Specifically, please see city homepage.

tabedokoroVauxsuraure Overview

 Name of facility
tabedokoro (food restaurant) Vauxsuraure
Ferm de Sotome: Representative Sugino Niu
 Business hours
11: 00-16: 30 (consultation is available)
 Regular holidays
Monday (next day in case of a national holiday)
 Main menu
Daily lunch, de ro sama noodles, de ro sama spaghetti, Vauxsuraure curry
 Price / Price:
Daily Lunch 800 Yen De Ro-sama Elemental Noodle (Small) 300 Yen (Large) 500 Yen De Ro-sama Spaghetti 800 Yen Vauxsuraure Curry 800 Yen
 Traffic access:
Nearest bus stop Shitsu Bunkamura or Shitsu
* Next to the Former Shitsu Aid Center.

● Notice of cooking class sponsored by Vauxsuraure

 tabedokoroVauxsuraure operates this cafe and restaurant, and holds a cooking class on the third Thursday of each month in the former Izutsu Rescue Center and the former flour mill as part of the “Food Experience Program”.
In addition, we accept consultations from time to time, such as applying for a group cooking experience (can be used within 50 people).

● Sotome special product "Yuko"

 tabedokoroVauxsuraure offers delicious jams using citrus “Yukou” that grows naturally in the Tokai and Nagai districts of Nagasaki City, as well as bite yokans and sweets.
“Yukou” is similar in appearance to Yuzu, but has a sweet, mellow acidity, soft flavor, and good compatibility with ingredients. In the past, we were in danger of extinction, but now the value is re-recognized and production is promoted.
* In October 20, it was certified as a World Heritage Site of Food "Aji no Ark" by the International Headquarters of the Slow Food Association (Italy), which is engaged in activities to protect traditional food culture. 
Jam made with Yuuko

Contact form for Vauxsuraure

● For inquiries about tabedokoroVauxsuraure and inquiries regarding food experience programs (cooking classes), please use this form or call us.
TEL 0959-25-0018 090-3418-2173 (Niyu)
■ Please read thePrivacy Policy and fill out the inquiry form only upon agreement.
■ Be sure to enter a valid phone number (home or mobile phone) in the phone number field.
■ It may take time for us to reply, so please contact us by phone if you are in a hurry.
■ Please check your settings (spam settings), etc. so that you can receive reply emails.
■ If you do not receive a reply from us, we apologize for the trouble and ask that you please contact us again.
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Former Shitsu Aid Center
● Opening hours
 Tue-Sat: 9: 00-17: 00
 Sun: 11: 00-17: 00
(Final reception 16: 30)
● Closed days
 Monday (in the case of a holiday, the next day)
 2696-1, Nishishitsu-machi, Nagasaki-shi
 TEL 0959-25-1002
 FAX 0959-25-1006
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