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Sister Hashiguchi Hase's performance and singing voice!

Harmonium Repair Completion Concert CD
Harmonium performance
Eighteen years ago, the "De Rotz-sama Organ Revival Concert" was held, and a commemorative CD came out the other day.
Harmonium (European organ), which De Ro ordered from France for accompaniment of mass 130 years ago, was played in church until around 40, but problems such as air leaks began to appear. So the church has a new organ. De Rotz's organ was then played in the corner of the Father de Rotz Memorial Hall to the sound of Sister Hashiguchi, who had been playing for many years, and sang with the visitors. 18 years ago, the organ in Yokohama. The sound of the De Rotz era was revived by having the researcher Nihei repair it. Mr. Nihei was offered to repair it by all means, and he volunteered for a month to repair it. The cost of repairs (replacement materials, etc.) was covered by the kindness of many people, so it seems that it was a joyful concert for many people.
The greetings of Father Yamauchi, the chief priest at the time, and Dr. Nihei, who repaired the work, are followed by the chant of Sister Hashiguchi. 84-year-old singing voice.
"One box came out", so we will divide it for 1 yen per sheet. For inquiries and orders, please contact the former Izutsu Relief Center Secretariat.

typhoon! !! !!

Mill mill tiles
Ameto of the rescue hospital that was skipped
Mill glass
Ohira workshop
It's been a week since typhoons 9 and 10 blew up. I was busy cleaning up.
Both were very scary typhoons. After spending a sleepless night, I went to the rescue hospital and was surprised at the damage. The tiles of the mill and macaroni factory are turned over. Two shutters of the rescue center were blown off and dropped, and the hinged window on the first floor of the mill was shaken off and the wind was playing. It was No. 2 which followed a fairly distant course, so it was a big shock just because I was off guard.
No. 10 was even more terrifying, and the rescue center was further damaged by shutters, windowpanes, doors, window frames, etc., but the most shocking thing was the Ohira workshop, which was under construction of masonry. It is the collapse of the temporary roof that was attached for maintenance. The important masonry is also considerably damaged.
We are discussing good and bad measures with the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
This time, it was a report of damage.
Today is the blue sky. It is the open sea that has fallen.

Sister Hashiguchi Hase, homecoming!

Sister playing the Harmonium
On the evening of Wednesday, August 8, Sister Hashiguchi Hase returned home quietly and calmly.
For a long time, it was a sister that everyone has loved and cherished. Thank you very much for your help. I asked the people I met at the rescue center, "How are you, the sister who played the organ? I've been asked many times." It was fresh, joyful, and memorable to me that the sister invited me to sing the chant along with the Harmonium.
A gentle, warm and humorous sister. Even though he was over 100 years old, he was a joke and was loved by everyone.
You are now in heaven and talking to God. Please pray for eternal rest.

Donation of masks

Mask donated
Receptionist and guide staff
Owner of tabedokoroVauxsuraure
Staff of "Fr. de Roh Memorial"
As the summer sky spreads and endured the heat, there was a shower and a hurricane, and today a typhoon passed off Goto Island. In the meantime, I am delighted to receive a very nice mask.
President Kaneko of Visual Tokyo Co., Ltd. asked us to deliver a mask to a rescue center related to latent Christians. I answered "I'm happy" with a light feeling, but I was surprised when it arrived! Handmade cloth mask, solid color, colorful fabric, lace specification, pleated type and 2D type and XNUMX types. He also attached a fashionable mask hook. If you put it on immediately and guide it, it will be easy to talk without moisture.
It was said to be for women, but it is also perfect for a male guide at the rescue center!
In addition to the staff here, I was very pleased to give it to the owner of the utilization group "tabedokoroVauxsuraure", the staff of the next "Fr. It will also be delivered to two church guardian female staff of Detsu Church.
Please look at the photo.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to the President and employees of Visual Tokyo for expressing their thoughts on the activities of Christian Hidden and Father De Lo. Thank you very much.

De Lo wall repair

Ohira workshop has a temporary roof
Local junior high school students
Seminar students gathered for the experience
Theological student
Nikko Securities volunteers
The rainy season is over, finally!
The rainy sky and the blue sky are so different.
By the way, the repair of the workshop in Odaira and the first-stage construction were completed, but due to the coronal disaster and the heavy rain, there was a shortage of workers, so we started to volunteer, and volunteered for various people. .. Elementary school and junior high school students came to the joint experience of de Roh wall in response to the unique opportunity of studying masonry culture and the appeal of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Planning Association. All of our employees also came to help. A masonry specialist, who had been rushing to recover from heavy rain, has finally begun to work on it. Masonry maintenance is planned for the first and second phases, and it will take another year for the internal use. I'm looking forward to it.
By the way, due to the heavy rain, two stone walls in the paddy field have collapsed. Some people evacuated due to the flooding of the Detsu River. However, I am grateful that none of them are important.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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