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Nice blue sky

Down feather clouds
Dry in the room
Wall devised by de Rotz
Finally bears fruit
Sun-dried after threshing
We threshed wheat during the rainy season.Cooperation teams gathered in the field of Ohira (Udera) and the work was carried out.
If you look up at the sky with a refreshing breeze, you will see clouds like feathers.I'm exhausted.
On rainy days, I also tried indoor drying with a dehumidifier.All you have to do is take it to the mill.It feels like ...

Camellia flower

Yabu camellia that has begun to bloom
Japanese camellia
Father de Rotz Memorial Hall
 You can see camellia flowers.It's beautiful, of course, because it feels like spring, but above all, it's because I squeezed camellia oil.
 "Can you bear fruit this year? ] Is the number one concern.It was last year when there was almost no fruit, so this year, the way to climb the field is heading for camellia.And as expected, this year should be a good harvest.The buds bloom one after another.The pink assistant at the Father de Rotz Memorial Hall seems to surpass the number of leaves.
 I'm looking forward to the camellia oil squeezing.

Re-challenge the oil squeezer!

Take out the camellia fruit
Roast the fruits and then steam
Squeeze with a mini jack
Peanut oil (left) and camellia oil (right)
 I squeezed the oil using the harvested and preserved peanuts and the collected camellia nuts.
 Remove from the shell, roast, steam and squeeze.This is the knowledge I gained online, but once I tried it with peanuts, it worked, so this time I added camellia nuts and narrowed it down.It's a very time-consuming task, but when I applied force with a mini jack and the oil dropped, I was moved and cheered.The amount of oil is small, but I'm satisfied!I was surprised that camellia had a lot more oil than peanuts.
 De Rot was squeezing peanut oil to spread somen, and was inspired by the curiosity of what it was like.I also have a little inquisitive mind that I want to devise a little more.There is a record that Mr. De Rota purchased an oil squeezer that cost XNUMX yen at that time.

It's snow!

Steam from the sea ...?
It's like a northern country
Medaka ...
It snowed more today.
Forgetting that it was cold, I took pictures and went around.The fog is rising from the sea like steam, which is also an interesting phenomenon.It was wonderful that the snow fluttered in the pink sky before the sun rose.

It's snow!

Unusual scenery here
The water wheel mill and the macaroni factory ...
Where is the killifish ...?
 happy New Year.
 It was a cold year-end and New Year holidays.
 It was even colder today and I had a little pile up at night.I took a picture of it, which is rare in this area facing south.The beautiful white color, the excitement of stepping on it, and the people in the area who are struggling with heavy snow are likely to scold me.Take a look at the snow in the rescue center.
 By the way, the harvest of buckwheat noodles this season was excellent.It was sold at the church, and the believers must have made Toshikoshi soba while deepening their feelings for De Rot.Mr. Hiu of Ferme de Sotokai entrusted the powder to the somen factory and it became a product.Above all, the two members of the secretariat tried to make soba noodles for the first time.Moreover, "XNUMX% buckwheat noodles".Soba making while watching the video on the net works surprisingly well, and the fragrant soba is finished and I am satisfied.The appearance is also connected properly.As always, I was so absorbed in making it that I forgot to take a picture and I have no evidence.
 Please come to Soba making at the end of this year.Let's hit it together!
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