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Black tea! Begin to make

I made black tea
Yaezakura next to the rescue center entrance
A flower field that has been springing
 I went to see the state of the tea plantation.I was surprised.There are sprouts.It seems like I can pick it up.
 It is a native species that is not taken care of.I couldn't stay still, so I decided to go back and prepare and pick. It's April 4st.Since it is closed on Monday, I picked it until the evening and made tea the next day.It was a little hard, so it took a long time to knead and ferment, but it was done.I wonder if the heat was strong or it was slightly burnt ...It is a pale color when brewed, but it tastes so good.
 This year's black tea making has started!

Peach blossoms have begun to bloom.

Peach blossom and Dezu Church
There are still many candy
Nice to meet you all. My name is Nonomura. From time to time, I decided to write a blog. There are so many things I don't know yet, so I would like to write my own surprises and discoveries. Thank you very much.
Recently in Dezu, the peach blossoms at Father De Lo Memorial Hall are beginning to bloom. There are still a lot of traps, so it will be in full bloom. At the Dezu Rescue House, rape blossoms bloom in the field, and the cats are in the sun on the lower road. In the distance, you can see wild cherry trees.
Whether it ’s getting warmer or there ’s a cold return, spring is definitely approaching. The Dezu village is difficult on the slopes, but it is interesting to walk around. Please come to Dezu in the coming season when it becomes easy to move.

Seedling planting is complete!

Volunteer with Uodera Volunteers at Sotome Kurosaki Elementary School
Nikko Securities
 This year's tea seedling planting was completed yesterday!On March 3th and 8th, which was scheduled, the plants were lively planted by the people of Sotokai Kurosaki Elementary School and the free house and the people who participated individually.Of course, the volunteers of Udera played an active role as instructors.Dig a hole about 9 cm deep in the circle of the mulch, float the roots of the seedlings so that they extend straight down, sprinkle some soil on them, and place wood chips around the roots.Twenty-nine students in the first to fourth grades of elementary school, despite the concerns of adults, immediately grasped the point and actively planted them one after another, and the free house members smiled and said that it was fun.20 in two days!
 Another difficult task.A large amount of wood chips for weeding are laid in the furrows, but since it is a terraced field, it is very hard work to lift the slope.Everyone did their best.The 10th, which was scheduled for another day, was canceled due to the rain forecast.As expected, there is plenty of watering for God!I'm growing up well.
 By the way, yesterday 17th was the planting of 300 plants that did not arrive in time.On this day, I couldn't plan to help because of various events.When I was thinking about it, two days ago, everyone at Nikko Securities applied for volunteer work.Eight young people worked hard and carried all the wood chips while getting sweaty.Completed in the morning. 2 tea trees are lined up in the three-tiered Doro-sama field.
 We are impressed with the warm cooperation of many people, including the Cultural Property Preservation Planning Association, the tea manager in Nagasaki Prefecture, the World Heritage Promotion Office in Nagasaki City, and above all, the tea farmers in Higashisonogi Town.I wanted to see everyone the warmth of De Rot and the spirit of doing more and more positively for the smiles of the people in the village.Thanks!

Freshly baked, ready to plant tea seedlings ...

Multi tension
Plowing and multi-upholstery
Multi tension
Facing the field from the work site
Oak tree beside
Native narcissus
Preparations for planting tea seedlings are steadily advancing in the open field of Udera (Ohira).
2 month 24 day (Sunday) was fresh. Plow and lay a mulch. Everyone came to the tea farm of Sogicha, and the specialists in Nagasaki Prefecture also gave guidance and it was a day-long work. The work of hard stones was hard work because it was a stoney area, but it worked out with great laughter. You can plant anytime.
It fails again! I prepared local sweet buns for tea confectionery, but I was stolen by a crow. When it was in the car, the temperature would go up and it was n’t good. Since the crows are few areas, I was confident that they were all right, but when I looked up soon, the figure of a crow ... After all, half the snacks. They were kind people who laughed and forgiven.

De Lo's open field will become a tea plantation. Please help!

Open field and work place (center white roof)
Current workshop site
Model (protected by the roof)
Open field that has turned into a dwarf
Pay a spear
Tea plantations and yuko trees currently being cultivated
  Did you know that Doro-sama cleared a large field in Ohira?It started in 17 and was completed in 34, so it took 17 years to clear the land.This is to cultivate the raw materials for what is manufactured at the rescue center. It takes about 5.6 minutes by car from the rescue center as it is about to climb the 10 km mountain.I built a workshop here for convenience, but it is a building with de Rot wall and bricks, and now only the wall remains.
 The workshop was designated as a historic site of the city, but in 24, it was selected as one of the important components of the important cultural landscape (selected by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) of the masonry settlement in the open sea of ​​Nagasaki City. It was.
 However, even the most important ones are exposed to the elements and are deteriorating and collapsing.A roof will be put on to protect it, and a project to utilize the inside is underway.As a result of studying this and that so that we could observe the masonry, we decided to make tea.Set up a tea roasting pot inside and make it a place to make blue tea (green tea) and black tea (black tea).This is based on the fact that there is a recipe for Doro-sama's black tea, which was made by Do-Ro-sama, and is made from the remaining tea leaves.
 Therefore, it was decided to turn the cultivated field, which had turned into a bush, into a tea field.When shrubs and kazura were cut down and cultivated using heavy machinery, a six-tiered cultivated field at that time appeared. It is spectacular because it is 6 towns wide. At the end of February, everyone at Sonogi Tea (Higashisonogi Town) is planning to ridge and prepare for planting.We will plant about 2 trees this year.
 We are planning to plant seedlings on March 3, so please come if you are interested.We would like to request advance application, so please check "News & Topics" on this page for details.We look forward to.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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