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This year's “Kankoro” is very beautiful!

Freshly dried cane
Dried up 1
Dried up 2
 I wanted a cankoro (dried potato).The weather continued, and I had a good time.
 On October 10th (Monday), Udera volunteers gathered with sweet potatoes prepared just to boil one after another.I boiled it in a cauldron and dried it.Very nice weather!The next day and the next day, the weather continued until today, and it dried up beautifully.I will deliver it to Mochiya tomorrow.A mochi shop is waiting for the ingredients of Kankoro mochi.Please buy Kankoro Mochi when you enter the museum.

I finished the last black tea this year!

De Lo's black tea
Tea flower in full bloom
Akamanma of tea plantation
 It's completely autumn.The tea flower has opened.The plump white flowers are reminiscent of the bees that fly with the folds of their childhood.
 By the way, the last black tea of ​​this year is finished this morning.However, it is only 50g.What would you like to drink ...
 Autumn tea didn't work this year.No matter how many times you make it, it looks like oolong tea, and the astringency of black tea does not come out.It seems that the fermentation was insufficient, so I made it many times with advice, but finally the leaves can no longer be picked, so this is the last. I managed to finish the tea leaves picked over 3 days, fermenting after kneading using hot water as a heat source, and roasting using gas instead of firewood.It's a decent finish, do it ...
 I hope I can improve in the spring.
Akamanma of the tea plantation. A nice sunshine.
  How to talk De Ro talks Akamanma

Was there a recorder?

On the rescue floor 2 floor
 10 Mon 14 (Sunday), “A special concert by Father De Roo organ, opera singer and recorder” was held. Everyone from the cedar drama recorders came from Yokohama and the singing voice of the opera singer Yuka Maruo (from Nagasaki) was played. . Although it was a mini-concert for about 1 hours, it was a very warm and wonderful concert, not only for its high technology. Was the recorder's tone so wrapped up? Despite this concern, it is also one of the joys that various people came to watch.
 Two years ago, Maki Nakamura, who visited us for a tour, realized how wonderful the organ performance was, "I want to have a concert with this organ someday."A concert without recorders led by Maki at the rescue clinic!I was able to meet Yuka Maruo's beautiful and bright singing voice and a lovely smile at the concert on her way home.Asami Tsukada, an artist, also brought her own paintings and added some colors.
 De Rotz will be pleased with the warm look that the organ ordered 130 years ago has become a joy for many people in this way.
 We would like to thank everyone at the Sugita Theater, members of the Sugi Theater Recorder, Mr. Maruo, Mr. Tsukada, and everyone who came to see us.

Elementary school student's experience

Roast tea in a kettle
 On Wednesday, September 9, the 12rd and 3th graders of Sotokai Kurosaki Elementary School arrived.
 This is one of the experiences of elementary school students, De Rot, to pick and roast tea. Meet at the tea plantation of Udera (Ohira) around 9:4.We will pick tea leaves with the volunteers.The 3th grader who experienced last year picked it while teaching the XNUMXrd grader, "I will pick the soft one."Paederia foetida is a great enemy in a shape similar to tea leaves!It smells so bad that it is difficult to mix it with tea leaves. At first, every child can't help but be worried, "Is this so?"I found some and smelled them, and I came to distinguish them by saying that they smelled bad.Picked up for an hour and moved to the rescue center.
 Next is kneading and roasting.I worked enthusiastically with the guidance of volunteers.Especially for roasting, I made a line and continued roasting without a break, and it was completed much earlier than planned.I was praised by the volunteers.The tea in the lunch box is roasted by ourselves. It was lunch while saying "It's delicious!"
 A rescue center where children's voices echo.It was a day when I could see De Rot's smile.

Sister Hashiguchi, 100

Sister Hashiguchi 100 years old
It has fallen all morning and evening.
9 Mon 1 (Sat), Sister Hashiguchi Hase is finally 100 years old.
The birthday party at the monastery is held on 2 day. The relatives also came and it was a happy time for Sister. My ears are quite crippled, but I always smile. With a smile constantly in consideration of the surroundings, “Great! ]. The sense of humor that makes fun of joking is also alive and well. When I pulled the sashimi plate from the table at the right time, my family loved me, saying, “I should eat it!” (Forget about having eaten enough ...).
At the end, thank you for singing 3 songs and it was a fun celebration.
The person who sings to the organ of the sister as usual. It was around this time that I respected the sister who left a warm memory with you, and I was a little jealous.
A big typhoon and a big earthquake in Hokkaido today. I pray that there is little damage and that the affected people will be restored quickly.
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