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I'm impressed by the birds of Isohiyo

Isohyono dad bird
Cucumber flower
De Lo Wall and Flower Field
I found an Isohiyo that ate food at Detsu Church. I don't settle down near the clogs box, but I can't escape. If you open the key to the church while thinking strangely, you will hear a small tweet. Chicks were born! The father bird is calling out with a strange voice, not that beautiful song.
As the day progressed, the chirping of chicks began to sound louder.
This morning, I went out to unlock the church earlier than usual, but the dad bird is on the clog box with food. If you put holy water in the holy water bowl near the entrance, something will move on the nearby pillar. Looking at it, the dad bird is looking over here. It was so close and the appearance of the little neck squeezed and said, “Don't worry. I wo n’t do anything!”
  Isohiyono Hina-like church
  Mugihonami squeezing train
     The journey to Fukuoka, the Saga Plain, was greeted by Mugiaki.
  The crush flocked outside the car, buttercups
     While driving with a slight sinking, I felt better with a flock of buttercups.This is my favorite flower.

Sister Hashiguchi Hase, sorry for not appearing on TV!

It was my early departure. Wasn't there someone who was disappointed?
It was said that it could not be entered due to the assembly of the program. I'm sorry to let you know without confirmation. The monastery sisters are also disappointed.
Sister is fine today! Starting in the morning, I helped the meal-sister Sisters out the pods. Big beans came out one after another, so I was working hard. He is always a healing sister.

Sister Hashiguchi Hase is fine. Go to TV!

Sister Hashiguchi Hase 99 years old
Move with walker
Macaroni plant poppy flowering
“Sing along with Sister Hashiguchi's organ! “This is often the case. NHK has organized the organ harmonyum project for De Lo. Among them, Sister also focuses on the spot. 99 years old! We responded with a smile and cheerful coverage about 30 minutes. When I first answered the question “Did you eat at lunch?” “I forgot!”, I was panicked, but now I don't remember.
Until 90 years old, Sister guided the admission at the Father De Lo Memorial Museum, and played the harmony, “Let's sing!” . I miss it, and the first word comes out. “I think it's heaven…” “I'm fine. 9 will be 100 years old.” This conversation continues and I feel relieved.
 May 8th (Tuesday) 18: 10-19: 00 Evening In Nagasaki, Sister will be treated in the Harmonium project for a few minutes.I'm afraid I (red constriction) will speak most of the time ...
 This is a guide for those who are nostalgic.I'll give you a photo too.

Pick up tea at Higashisonogi! Lively black tea making bowl

Tea factory
Factory interior
White flowers on factory site
Grab picked tea leaves
Roast in a tea pot
Finished black tea
 On May 5nd (Wednesday), I went to a tea factory in Higashisonogi-cho to pick up the tea.It takes 2 hours one way.Depart early in time for the afternoon admissions.Drive in the fog in bad weather.The tea I received was 2 kg.I was able to make more tea than I expected.I got a boiled bamboo shoot from Mr. Noguchi, who is kind at the tea factory, and while I was in a hurry to go home, my cell phone became muscular.If you check by the side of the road, the secretariat of the rescue center.When I replied, "Where are you now, Sister?" I was out without any contact with the receptionist Sister.He didn't show up at work until around noon, so he seemed to be suspicious and contacted me. "Wow, I didn't say it, Omura now!" "I haven't heard!"
 The next day, you will experience black tea.Despite your worries, the weather is perfect. Ten people from 9-year-old elementary school students to 70-year-olds participated.Everyone of all ages and jobs worked hard to make black tea lively.Thanks to the weather, the tea was finished smoothly, and one of the participants, the tea coordinator, praised it as a good tea.Guidance is the usual Mr. K (city hall staff).We tasted it together and took it home separately.
 Black tea is the name of De Rot's black tea, and the method of making it is recorded in the "Daily Book" (De Rot's record book), and I made it according to it.

We had tea picking experience. It was very nice weather.

On the 4 month 29 day (Sun), a tea-picking experience was held. We picked up the 30 surnames together with all the applicants, Nagasaki City employees, and “Udera” volunteers. A lot of tea leaves are growing this year, and jumbo! Volunteer aunts praised that care and fertilizer worked, and I feel good.
De Rotz's work place is a historic site of masonry, so this study was also done by the person in charge of the city. Udon made by the volunteers of Fermud Sotome and the sweet summer from the neighborhood were given to the dessert, and then tea made by Udera everyone in advance was made a souvenir. I ’m going to say goodbye to everyone.
Immediately, I brought 64 kilo of tea leaves to Tosonogi tea factory for tea making, but I received a finished report today the next day.
We sell delicious "de ro sama no green tea" in rescue hall. Would you like to drink it? By the way, 50g500 yen. A little expensive ...
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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