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I'm working hard to prepare for the tea plantation

The spring storm was blown all over the country, but did you have any damage? At the Rescue Center, the clock of De Lo stopped by the vibration. However, as soon as you move the pendulum, it will tickle the time.
Did you know that there is a tea plantation in Udera (Ohira), opened by De Lo? In 5 month, we will have tea picking experience and tea making experience (de Ro-sama also called “black tea” to make black tea), so we are rushing to fertilize and trim.
Dark green grass appears between the tea trees, but it will be goat food. The owner of the Shiba Goat had an offer to let them cut off because 4 kid goats were born and grew to eat. Of course OK! I want to go see it soon.
Izutsu is now in a time when I can feel “spring has come”.
Plum blossom
Overflowing fallow fields
Goat food

A display of dolls was displayed at the store!

It was a warm day of sunlight. It ’s never been so cold in winter, so I ’m happy.
Hina-sama decoration (the person who entered last year brought it handmade) was released. A very cute ornament made of silk cloth. It was a bright and warm atmosphere. Sorry for not knowing the name of the person who gave you the gift. Bathing in the sun, the viola of the stairs is fine.

The radish made in the field of De Lo was cut and dried.

Nice to meet you guys, how are you guys who have already come? It is Sister stenosis (Akasako) of Rescue Hospital.
The radish harvested by the volunteers of Udera (the fields of Father de Rotz) What was dried with a boil a week ago was completely dry.
Soon, we will sell it at the rescue store. You can enjoy it as a delicious boiled food or vinegared food. Please use it.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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(Final reception 16: 30)
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