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De Lo wall repair

Ohira workshop has a temporary roof
Local junior high school students
Seminar students gathered for the experience
Theological student
Nikko Securities volunteers
The rainy season is over, finally!
The rainy sky and the blue sky are so different.
By the way, the repair of the workshop in Odaira and the first-stage construction were completed, but due to the coronal disaster and the heavy rain, there was a shortage of workers, so we started to volunteer, and volunteered for various people. .. Elementary school and junior high school students came to the joint experience of de Roh wall in response to the unique opportunity of studying masonry culture and the appeal of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Planning Association. All of our employees also came to help. A masonry specialist, who had been rushing to recover from heavy rain, has finally begun to work on it. Masonry maintenance is planned for the first and second phases, and it will take another year for the internal use. I'm looking forward to it.
By the way, due to the heavy rain, two stone walls in the paddy field have collapsed. Some people evacuated due to the flooding of the Detsu River. However, I am grateful that none of them are important.

How about Do Ro's blue tea and Do Ro's field barley tea?

Today is heavy rain and thunder before dawn! However, when I heard about Sasebo and Goto, it seemed calm. It is common for the rainy season to be sultry.
By the way, today, please see Do Ro's blue tea and purple mochi barley tea grown in Do Ro's field.
The usual blue tea, ordinary green tea and powdered tea are ready. This year it was a bad season due to the weather, but he made tea at his Kitsuki tea factory.
For barley tea, purple mochi wheat cultivated by U-Dora volunteers was roasted in an iron kiln at the rescue center. It becomes a light pink fragrant barley tea.
The price is de ro's blue tea 50g 500 yen
De Ro's blue tea (powdered tea) 100g 800 yen
De Ro-sama field barley tea 180-200g 300 yen
How are you spending under unprecedented circumstances?
Our staff went to De Lo-sama field to care for the tea that wasn't energetic. A healthy complexion? It is!

It's restarting!

Hydrangea that began to color
In June, the rescue center was finally restarted.
I feel like I can breathe. Although I am careful, I feel relieved because I was able to meet you and share my thoughts with Do Ro.
The high humidity and high temperature before the rainy season, the hydrangea that began to color in such a way gives you freshness and vitality.
Please go to the open sea for a deep breath. We look forward to.

Hand-roasted tea was made

On Sunday, April 4th, all UDERA volunteers made tea. Hand-roasted tea, a native species. It was quite cold in April and I couldn't quite pick up the tea, but there were a lot of native varieties, so I made tea.
Although the weather was cool, I laughed and picked a lot, saying that I wasn't worried about getting sunburned, and the usual hand-roasted tea was served. It took 3 hours to pick it, and 2 hours to change it and knead it. It tastes like another roast, and as expected it is a seasoned veteran. Now you have a delicious hand-roasted tea.
50g 600 yen. If you wish, please apply (afternoon by phone). There is only a little left.
We plan to make "Doro's Blue Tea" at the factory in mid-May.

Road grass⁉

The rescue center was closed and I came to work a little more leisurely. I could see the mauve wildflowers on the bank. I was a little confused by saying, "I'm gonna eat her way ...", but I wanted to take a picture and went back. Purple orchids are also in good health. When I was taking a few pictures, my wife at the roadside came out and said, "Good morning, take a picture of the flowers in my garden!" A nice garden to see. I talked with many people about it, and after I had a snack, I finally went to work. A very rich start to the day.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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