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Cute little goat

Since it is closed, I am going out to the tea plantation in the de Lo-sama cultivation field in Uedara (Ohira) every morning.
I went up to Twitter, but the baby goat born in my neighborhood was so cute that I detoured to the field. Both parents and children are friendly and will come soon. If you stroke your head, another one will come close to you and lean on it. I stayed for a while, playing with them and taking pictures.
The tea buds are also coming out nicely. However, I feel that the growth is slow, probably because the cold has come back. In any case, all the UDERA volunteers plan to roast hand-roasted tea on the 26th (Sun). The tea season has arrived!

Sprout! Tea tree news

Sprout packed with native species
One month after planting
What we planted last year
There are sprout of tea. Soft yellow-green buds are packed with native species! Last year I was happy and picked it up to make tea. It was very good, but I'm patient this year. Wait until it is a little bit bigger and greener.
This year, we stopped the tea picking experience in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, so we asked volunteers to make hand-roasted tea for native varieties that are picking a little earlier. Finished with organic tea roasted in an iron kiln using hand-picked firewood. Simple and delicious. The tea plantations will be picked with a machine and the tea factory will have the usual "De Rosama's Blue Tea".
Now, look at the seedlings planted one month ago and one year old. This year we will take care of your growth.

Look, look! Sunset on the open sea.

After work, weed until sunset.
It is wonderful to see the sun set The open sea is beautiful no matter what the weather, but the sea at sunset is exceptional. Thank you for your good work and God's reward.

preparation work. For repairing the de-ro wall at the Uedera (Ohira) workshop.

Remove stones and tree roots from red soil
Sift the soil
Knead with water
Mountain cherry blossoms begin to bloom
The preservation work at the Uedera (Ohira) work site is progressing little by little, but red soil is now being prepared for the de-ro wall repair. We add lime and sand to a mixture of two local red soils to make an adhesive. First, we need to prepare the red soil.
The proposal was made by Mr. N of the Association for the Preservation of Cultural Properties, and it was done by local people. Removing the roots of stones and trees is also a challenge, adding water to the sifted and stepping on it. It seems that this work has laid this soil down and fermented, and added cement just before use.
Considerable effort and effort reminded me of the hardships of those days. For example, the ship agent was active in the muscle pain of the participants.
Most of the people who participated in the work were usually working as Ueda volunteers, and the lunch box was made with rice cooked using a hagama on the spot, freshly picked butterbur and bracken Boiled vegetables are side dishes. We had a lively event with over 10 participants. While loving the mountain cherry blossoms that have begun to bloom ...
He made a happy promise to call for the next work.

Completed planting tea seedlings! Thank you.

Let's plant it!
Under the guidance of Nagasaki Prefecture experts ...
Blessed with fine weather
Lunch box in front of cherry blossoms (Udera Volunteer)
On March 3 (Sat), tea seedlings were planted at Doro's cultivated field Uedera (Ohira). 14 of the 1600 plants planted last year have died due to salt damage from the typhoon.
About 40 volunteers, mainly Uedera volunteers, staff from Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, volunteer members from Fermud Sotokai, and sisters. Under the guidance of Mr. N, who teaches tea in Nagasaki Prefecture, (20) drill holes with instruments and shovels, (900) plant seedlings to hold down the soil tightly, (2) cover the roots with chips to prevent drying, and (XNUMX) water , And a series of XNUMX pieces of cutting ⑤ seedlings to XNUMX cm was completed in about two hours. I was very relieved to see the field where the seedlings were lined up in order.
Due to the effects of the new type of pneumonia, the two companies that had offered cooperation were unable to participate in the headquarters directive, and with the companies who were very disappointed, we were worried about what would happen, but reinforcements more than expected , Blessed with the weather, thank you. Thank you all, God.
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