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The construction of the Ohira workshop has started!

From brick wall
From around the cowshed
Face the tea plantation
Construction work for repairing and preserving masonry at the Ohira Works site has started. In the end, the roof will be hung, so you can remember the time when De Ro was built, but you will soon be unable to see the ruins.
After completion, we will maintain the interior so that green tea and black tea can be made. We are planning. Please help! Please also see the ruined workshop.

A break space on the macaroni factory site!

Henbit is already blooming
The desk and the chair are by Mr. Tadashi of driftwood.
Put the fire in the wood stove ... and have some tea!
It was a lonely month off the tourist season. However, because it is quiet, there are many tasks such as organizing the fields and processing oranges for peeling, so the arrangement around the desk has not been done yet.
By the way, the thought of creating a resting space emerged from the beginning of winter, and yes, on the macaroni factory site! We thought that we could have you go, and we asked Tada, a woodworker with driftwood, to make a table. I immediately attached it to the bench and carried it, and a wonderful rest space was made. If you put a fire in a wood stove, the atmosphere will be even better.
Hot water is also available. Please use it!

Cultural property fire prevention day training

State of training
Hose connection
Water discharge
Last tale
On January 1 (Sunday), training on Fire Prevention Day for Cultural Properties was held at the Rescue Center.
Under the leadership of the Nagasaki Kita Fire Station, the Kamiura Station, Mie Station, and local fire brigade members gather together for training. Tension is felt when several fire trucks and ambulances are lined up. Exercises were practiced, such as extending hoses from nearby reservoirs and fire trucks, and actually discharging water.
Last year, the disappearance of World Heritage Sites continued, so training has also been empowered. We officials only attended, but swore not to set fire.
After the end, the staff and members checked the water gun. It seems to be interesting because there are three water guns that are not usually seen.

Wild boar in tea plantation!

Sneaking at the root of native species
Seedlings thrown out
Japanese camellia
Purple floret
A month has passed without a New Year's greeting.
Everyone, thank you again this year.
Early in the new year, the wild boar has been around. Even though it is a warm winter, the area around the tea plantations is dug up, assuming that food is in trouble. I was around when I discovered it, but I gradually began to dig up to the seedlings, and I'm wondering what happened.
The tea seedlings were growing well, but they suffered from salt damage in the typhoon last fall, and over half of them withered. If you are in a hurry to buy a fence, there are those who ask for wild boar extermination from the surroundings, some who advise you on measures to cope with the city hall, and some who apply for help when installing Thanks, and decided to see the situation for a while.
Tea seedlings are arranged and relieved to enter in March. The planting work seems to be busy.
From the bush, camellia and small flowers are also watching and encouraging.

Christmas wreath making experience

The base of the base 1
Pine cones on the foundation
Please look at the work of experience! Is it nice for each one?
Soon after I started making it, dried rose flowers were mailed. Sisters from Goto, who always send me, saw the website and made it in time. Inspired by bright roses, the willingness to create increased. Thank you to everyone who participated and who cooperated!
Former Shitsu Aid Center
● Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 9: 00-17: 00
Day: 11: 00-17: 00
(Final reception 16: 30)
● Closed days
Monday (the next day in case of a national holiday)
2696-1 Nishiidetsu-cho, Nagasaki-shi
TEL 0959-25-1002
FAX 0959-25-1006
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