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The Father de Rotz from Cambodia

Brochure table
In the brochure
Visitors from Cambodia, Bishop Olivier and followers visited.
In the morning mass, there was an announcement that a bishop came from Cambodia and offered a mass, and I thought that it was a Cambodian bishop, but the face of the bishop who was 50 I met at the rescue center European descent. As soon as I was waiting for the question "Which country?", I was fluent in Japanese, saying, "I'm French, I'm a member of the Parry Foreign Mission Church."
25 years ago, when he visited Sotome, he learned of Father de Rotz and joined the Parry Foreign Missionary Church. Currently dispatched to Cambodia and active as a bishop. The attached pamphlet issued by saying "I am trying to imitate Father de Rotz". According to the pamphlet, there is only one believer when dispatched. There are now 8 churches, and 80 names were baptized this year on Easter. Established educational facilities from kindergarten to university, and established facilities for people with disabilities. It operates gift shops, caramel factories, garment factories, silk weaving centers and restaurants, and also handles farms and livestock. In addition, he is committed to the reconstruction of Cambodian traditional performing arts. The accompanying believers were related to traditional performing arts.
Without a doubt, this man was the Father de Rotz of Cambodia, Bishop Olivier.

blue sky! long time no see…

Akou tree
Persimmon tree
Sugar cane
The blue sky after a long time.
From the second half of the month of 8, autumn rains reminiscent of the rainy season have continued, and since the typhoon hit us, it has been a hot and humid day.
Even so, the landscape changed completely due to salt damage from typhoons. Look at the oak tree and the red-crowned tree. All leaves have fallen into winter. The persimmon fruit was placed on the leaf before it changed color. A large tree of Akko planted by Father de Rotz and the numerous leaves fallen in the salt, but the robust Akko has already sprouted every branch.
The cotton I was looking forward to could not be opened by the branches of the tree. I tried to dry the blue fruit. Sesame was cut before typhoon. This is okay, packed with lots of sesame seeds. I intended to harvest the sugarcane, but I found many fruits on the branches that died yellow in the folding screen. Dried for seeds.
There are many things to live with nature. A little complicated taste is felt while being chased away.

9 month (2) * Father de Rotz experience

Tea picking
Take steamed tea leaves
In an iron kettle
While receiving guidance from volunteers
Take a break!
9 month (2) * Father de Rotz experience
Tea-picking experience by Sotome Kurosaki Elementary School 3 and 4 students
Experience of 3, 4 grader who became completely regular. It was raining on this day, but it was decided as planned.
When elementary school students arrived at the field, it rained and work went smoothly. 4 graders will be the 2th, so teach them to 3 grades. You can rely on the support of Udera volunteers.
I did my best, so it was finished before lunch and the lunch was eaten with a cup of tea. It was delicious and souvenirs were made so that the family could taste it.
The children's voices were adored, and both the Father de Rotz staff and our staff were smiling.
By the way, I do not know if it is still called "the Father de Rotz Experience", but at the Shitsu Elementary School before the merger, 1 and 2 graders are planted potatoes, 3 and 4 graders are tea picked, 5 6 students came to experience roasting wheat, harvesting, cooking with flour, and Father de Rotz. Cooking for 5 and 6 students is planned.

9 month (1) * Volunteer activities

Nikko Securities Nagasaki Branch
Weeding and mowing
Flower field mini sunflower
9 month (1) * Weeding and tea picking volunteers
I'm sorry for the previous report ...
9 Mon 7 (Sat), Nikko Securities Nagasaki Branch and family 20 people came to Uedera (Ohira) to open weeds and pick tea. Despite the rain forecast, the enthusiasm of everyone, even when wet, the gods made the weather refreshing. The 3 name of insect catcher also happily sweated together, and the grass field of flowers is clean! I picked up 2 tea and finished it later.
After lunch, we planned a tea-making volunteer, but it ended with a day when there was no sun, giving up on the next chance, and promising the next chance.
By the way, the insect catcher returned with a large grasshopper, mantis and dragonfly in the basket.

Harvesting doughhassen (peanut)

Good harvest!
Peanut flower
So splendid with a sprout
Beautiful sprout
8 month 19 day (Monday), Uedera picking tea leaves for tea, and volunteers came to harvest dough peas. While watching the weather, it's never been late. I helped for the first time. Good harvest! I dug up while chatting happily. In this area, peanuts are boiled, so we started to set up the work of washing and boiling. It was decided that the washing would be in Ogawa and the boiled in the cauldron at the rescue clinic. I boiled while eating lunch. There is no end to fun chatting here. Boiled in an iron cauldron and finished blackish, it was delicious. The portion of the order received was packed in a bag, and the volunteers also shared something with a bad shape. Of course I got it too.
Another surprise report. The tea planted in the month of 3 has a sprout that is splendid to make a mistake. Until just a week ago, I was impressed by how splendid it was, even though I was looking to pray for a little more god to rain so that it would not wither. Please look at the photo. Looking forward to growth!
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