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2-tier shelf with bulletin board
Pope Francisco's books are displayed and arranged
Lined up handmade goods of sisters and lay people
The driftwood display is wonderful!
 please look!
 The display of the product display has become fashionable.Masaya Tazaki, who has moved to the Ono village, arranged the products on chairs and shelves made of driftwood that came to the beach of the open sea.When I was chatting with Mr. Tazaki, who visited the rescue center, he said, "Do you need a chair?"It's nice to get one and put the product on it!I asked for it, and I decided to line up four, including the shelves.What a free!I'm so sorry, but I enjoy making it while I work, so if you're happy, I'm happy with Mr. Tazaki's words.
 Occasionally, the next day I met Pope Francis, who decided to sell books.Daddy's poster in the bulletin board space is shining.

The Father de Rotz from Cambodia

Brochure table
In the brochure
 Customers from Cambodia, Bishop Olivier and believers visited.
 At the morning mass, I was informed that a bishop from Cambodia would visit and offer a mass, and I thought that he was a Cambodian bishop, but the face of the bishop who seems to be in his 50s at the rescue clinic European descent. As soon as I was waiting for the question "Which country are you in?", He answered in fluent Japanese, "I am French, a member of the Paris Foreign Missions Society."
 Twenty-five years ago, when he visited the open sea, he learned of Father de Rotz and joined the Paris Foreign Missions Society.He was dispatched to Cambodia and is currently active as a bishop. The attached pamphlet said, "I'm trying to imitate Father de Rotz."According to the pamphlet, there was only one believer when dispatched.There are currently eight churches, and 25 people were baptized at this year's Easter.Established educational facilities from kindergarten to university, and established support facilities for people with disabilities.It operates a gift shop, caramel factory, garment factory, silk weaving center, restaurant, and also handles farms and livestock farming.In addition, he is also making efforts to revive traditional performing arts in Cambodia.The followers of the bank were related to traditional performing arts.
 Exactly De Ro-sama!Mr. De Rot from Cambodia, Bishop Olivier.

blue sky! long time no see…

Akou tree
Persimmon tree
Sugar cane
 It is the blue sky after a long absence.
 From the latter half of August, the rainy season continued, and the typhoon hit and the annoyingly hot and humid days continued, so my heart is also blue air.
 Even so, the landscape changed completely due to the salt damage of the typhoon.Look at the persimmon tree and the akou tree.All the leaves have fallen and it looks like winter.The persimmon fruits were left on the leaves before they were colored.A large tree of ficus superba planted by Mr. De Rot, a large number of leaves that have fallen due to salt, but the strong ficus superba has already sprouted on every branch tip.
 The cotton I was looking forward to couldn't be opened on a tree branch.I dried the blue fruits.The sesame seeds were harvested before the typhoon.This is okay, it's full of sesame seeds.I intended to harvest the tokibi, but I found many fruits on the branches that died yellow in the sea breeze.Dried for seeds.
 There are many things you can do to live with nature.While I'm busy cleaning up, I'm feeling a little complicated.

9 month (2) * Father de Rotz experience

Tea picking
Take steamed tea leaves
In an iron kettle
While receiving guidance from volunteers
Take a break!
9 month (2) * Father de Rotz experience
Tea-picking experience by Sotome Kurosaki Elementary School 3 and 4 students
 The experience of the 3rd and 4th graders, which has become a completely customary experience.It was raining on this day as well, but it went as planned.
 By the time the elementary school students arrived at the field, the rain had stopped and the work went smoothly. This is the second time for the 4th grade, so while teaching the 2rd grade ...You can count on the support of all the volunteers.
 We did our best, so we finished it before lunch and ate our lunch while drinking our own tea.We also made souvenirs so that they would be delicious and enjoyed by the family.
 The voices of the children echoed, and De Rot and our staff were all smiling.
 By the way, I don't know if you still call it "Do Ro-sama experience", but at Izutsu Elementary School before the merger, 1st and 2nd graders were potato planting potato digging, 3rd and 4th graders were tea picking tea roasting, 5 ・The sixth graders came to experience the experience of de Rotos, such as wheat treading, harvesting, and cooking with flour. Cooking for 6th and 5th graders is planned.

9 month (1) * Volunteer activities

Nikko Securities Nagasaki Branch
Weeding and mowing
Flower field mini sunflower
9 month (1) * Weeding and tea picking volunteers
I'm sorry for the previous report ...
 On Saturday, September 9, Nikko Securities Nagasaki Branch and about 7 family members came to the Udera (Ohira) cultivated field for weeding and tea picking.Despite the forecast of rain, everyone's enthusiasm that "we will do it even if it gets wet", God made the weather refreshing.The three insect catchers also enjoyed sweating together, and the flower field of the grass bobo was refreshing! I had you pick the second tea and finished it as black tea at a later date.
 After lunch, I was planning to volunteer to make tea, but it ended with a day without sun, abandoned, and promised the next chance.
 By the way, the insect catcher returned with large grasshoppers, mantis, dragonflies, etc. in their baskets.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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