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Cotton flower bloomed!
From the side
Present 1 watermelon
Present 2 Honey
Cotton flower bloomed. There were people who delivered seedlings, and what was planted in a large pot was growing. There was a pretty triangular thing, but it was a faint interest. On 12 day, I found a single flower blooming at work! The yellow petals and the maroon color are impressive. Above all, Gaku and Akatsuki are unique and cute. Mr. De Loo planted cotton and made cotton fabric, so why not plant it? It was a seedling that gave me. I'm looking forward to how many flowers bloom and what kind of cotton I can make.
A nice gift arrived while it was hot. The watermelon was brought up and delivered by K. Last year, when the watermelon made at the Rescue Center was delicious, the seeds we ate were grown in the spring. Surprised It was purposely delivered from Saga. I cut them together and chatted them for a while, but next year I will plant this seed at the rescue center. In fact, the watermelon seedlings that I listed on my blog have withered. Was good!
The other is honey. A honey taken from a Japanese bee nest in a rented field. I received a share. How do you get delicious honey?
I started Twitter at De Lo's house. Please look.

Summer flowers

Yuri Kanoko
Hamabou Cute!
Nozenkazura is now
The grapes are still blue
Staircase begonia
From begonia spilled seeds to wonderful
A rainy season with a refreshing breeze that makes it easier to spend. If you look around during the rainy season, the Hamabo is in bloom. A lot of flowers were attached to a commuter slope and a thick shrub. At the back of Father De Rotz Memorial Hall, Yuri Kanoko, approached to see, and was greeted by a swarm of mosquitoes ... There are lots of seasonal flowers and plants around the rescue center! If you're blurred, you will miss each season. Begonia familiar with the Rescue Center was in full bloom. When we go to work, the vine lily is stretched and opened from the thick grass.
Plants will heal and rejoice ... you will get a lot of things. I thought it was a waste to overlook the season because it was too wounded by the flow of the day, looking at the fresh blue fruit of the wild grapes. I want to enjoy the good things that God prepares from time to time. Stop tweeting!
Demon Yuri's faintly blooming
Father's love
When Father's Day passed, I remembered my deceased father with the fragrance that came from the neighborhood. It was my favorite flower.
(Sr red)

A lot of baby medals!

Red medaka spawning
Can you see it?
Watermelon seedling
Blackberry, it will soon be colored
I have some red medaka in the garden of the rescue. At the end of 5, egg laying season has begun, and the birth rush for baby maidens continues. If the eggs laid in the aquatic plants are not transferred to another container, they will be mistaken for food and will be born in the basin. Mr. T at the Father De Rotz Memorial Hall is a veteran of distinguishing eggs. A great number of fry are growing. About 30 animals have been received by T's aquarium.
Watermelons and blackberries are growing in the garden field. Please look. (Sr red)

Seedling seedlings!

Transplanted seedlings
Side by side like this!
Invading wasteland
The planter was very cramped!
At last gutter It is late and late rainy season.
The tea tree seedlings were also waiting for the rain. I am relieved.
Now, let me introduce another topic of tea seedlings today.
Sister H and Sister S, who knew that tea seedlings can be made from seeds, are also curious. I planted seeds at the end of last year. Of course, it is the fruit of Uodera tea. “I was so easy…” I was watching the situation with half of the coolness, but it sprouted brilliantly and grew quickly. The sprouting planter was full and Sister S decided to transplant.
Transplanting over three days, the first day is sweaty and hot in the sun, and the second day is dripping wet in the rain. The day of 3 was cloudy, but the trouble was that the multi holes were gone. Not Sister S to give up here. I took the grass of the rough field and planted a mulch. I finished planting around noon. There were several 150!
Even the emergence of seeds is surprising, but Sister's amazing power. I hope you can overcome the summer sun and the dry season of autumn and winter.

Sprout of spring The fruitful spring ...

Hydrangea in the rain
Sprouting tea seedlings
Mowing volunteer
Mowing volunteer 2
Wheat harvesting / elementary school
Onions and good harvest!
I'm completely gone. The topic is full ...
rain! became. I can hear the hydrangea sighs. The rainy season is still in Nagasaki.
A lot of shoots were attached to the tea seedlings planted together in the month of 3. I get fertilizer and grow up again. I was worried because the leaves of the plants that I had planted fell one after another, and the words of the tea farmer saying, “2 percent will die,” were worried. Growing
The tea trees in the tea plantations were bad this year and I couldn't pick them up very much. There seem to be various causes, but because it is old, the tea farmer of Sogi tea cut it. Immediately there was an application for volunteers, and we had the mowing around the tea tree. Nikko Securities 4 names. 3 name has just arrived at Nagasaki in 4 month 5 month. It's the first time to hold a sickle because it's just called a city boy. I was surprised and laughed at the words “flying grasshoppers are scared,” but now the young people and the mowers have been manipulated, and the tea plantation has become cleaner.
There was a succession of harvests.
As Xumu and 5 graders from Sotokai Higashi Elementary School came to mow the wheat harvested at the rescue hospital. I enjoyed cutting with a sickle, struggled, and it was difficult to bundle it for drying, and I was able to cut it in about 6 hours while teaching volunteers. Although I was in the morning, I sweated on a hot day, but I went back to school thinking about cooking with this powder. Uedera's wheat is also a good harvest, and it is also milled in a high-quality rice mill and returned to flour.
The onions grown by the volunteers of Udera were also rich. It was hard to get wet, so it was awkward, but it was blessed with fine weather, dried well and a fine onion. I was picked up by a nursing home immediately.
I have a hard time in nature, and I have a hard time using my body. (Sr red)
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