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I cut the wheat.

It is wheat in the field in front of the macaroni plant.
I will mow with a sickle.
Bundle and dry.
Since the students of Kurosaki Elementary School recently cut the wheat in the field under the Rescue Hospital, we hunted the wheat in the field in front of the Macaroni factory. It has a very nice color.
We cut wheat with a sickle to make a certain amount of bunch, boiled the one near the base and dried it using a handrail. After this, after threshing in the rescue office, ask the rice mill to make flour.
Although it wasn't a big deal, it was hard to harvest wheat in the heat of sudden summer. As soon as I thought I should be careful about heat stroke.

Tea making experience was held.

Sun-dried tea leaves
Faint fragrance
Tap the tea leaves ...
I also scrub hands.
After fermenting, roast in a pot in the nursery to remove moisture.
In the rescue hall, tea making experience was held.
The method of making is still undergoing trial and error, but the taste of the tea I made is still exceptional.
Many people participated this time. From the morning tea picking to the evening, everyone was happy.

The wheat is growing quickly.

Wheat and old mill
Blue sky and wheat
It was bad weather at the beginning of the consecutive holidays, but it was an open sea that was completely clear.
The rescuer's wheat is growing more and more. Soon elementary school students will mow, thresh, and make flour at the mill.
In Dezu, when he was a father of De Lo, he raised not only wheat but also barley and rye. Perhaps such a landscape spread out all over the wheat field.

Black tea! Begin to make

I made black tea
Yaezakura next to the rescue center entrance
A flower field that has been springing
 I went to see the state of the tea plantation.I was surprised.There are sprouts.It seems like I can pick it up.
 It is a native species that is not taken care of.I couldn't stay still, so I decided to go back and prepare and pick. It's April 4st.Since it is closed on Monday, I picked it until the evening and made tea the next day.It was a little hard, so it took a long time to knead and ferment, but it was done.I wonder if the heat was strong or it was slightly burnt ...It is a pale color when brewed, but it tastes so good.
 This year's black tea making has started!

Peach blossoms have begun to bloom.

Peach blossom and Dezu Church
There are still many candy
Nice to meet you all. My name is Nonomura. From time to time, I decided to write a blog. There are so many things I don't know yet, so I would like to write my own surprises and discoveries. Thank you very much.
Recently in Dezu, the peach blossoms at Father De Lo Memorial Hall are beginning to bloom. There are still a lot of traps, so it will be in full bloom. At the Dezu Rescue House, rape blossoms bloom in the field, and the cats are in the sun on the lower road. In the distance, you can see wild cherry trees.
Whether it ’s getting warmer or there ’s a cold return, spring is definitely approaching. The Dezu village is difficult on the slopes, but it is interesting to walk around. Please come to Dezu in the coming season when it becomes easy to move.
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