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Seedling planting is complete!

Volunteer with Uodera Volunteers at Sotome Kurosaki Elementary School
Nikko Securities
Tea planting this year was completed yesterday! The planned 3 month, 8 day, 9 day, people from Tokai Kurosaki Elementary School and Freehouse, who participated individually, planted lively. Of course, all the volunteers of Udera were active as leadership. Dig a hole about 20 centimeters in a circle of mulch, float the soil so that the roots of the seedlings extend straight down, and place wood chips around the roots. 1 names from elementary school 4 students to 29 students grabbed the point immediately, and planted one after another, regardless of the concerns of adults. 1300 books in two days!
Another difficult task. A lot of wood chips for weeding are laid in the furrows, but because it is a terraced field, it is hard work to lift the slope. Everyone did their best. The 10 day that was scheduled for another day was canceled with a rain forecast. As expected, God's watering is plenty! I am growing well.
Well, yesterday, 17 day was planting 300 books that were not received in time. I couldn't schedule any help on this day. When I was thinking, how many days ago, Nikko Securities applied for volunteers 2 days ago. The young people worked hard on the 8 name, and all the woodchips were carried while sweating. Completed in the morning. 1600 tea trees are lined up in the row of 3 stages.
The warm preservation cooperation of the Cultural Properties Conservation Planning Association, Nagasaki Prefecture Tea Manager, Nagasaki City World Heritage Promotion Office, Higashisonogi-cho tea farmers, and many others. I wanted to see the spirit that had been carried out positively and steadily for the warmth of De Loo and the smiles of the villagers. Thanks

Freshly baked, ready to plant tea seedlings ...

Multi tension
Plowing and multi-upholstery
Multi tension
Facing the field from the work site
Oak tree beside
Native narcissus
Preparations for planting tea seedlings are steadily advancing in the open field of Udera (Ohira).
2 month 24 day (Sunday) was fresh. Plow and lay a mulch. Everyone came to the tea farm of Sogicha, and the specialists in Nagasaki Prefecture also gave guidance and it was a day-long work. The work of hard stones was hard work because it was a stoney area, but it worked out with great laughter. You can plant anytime.
It fails again! I prepared local sweet buns for tea confectionery, but I was stolen by a crow. When it was in the car, the temperature would go up and it was n’t good. Since the crows are few areas, I was confident that they were all right, but when I looked up soon, the figure of a crow ... After all, half the snacks. They were kind people who laughed and forgiven.

De Lo's open field will become a tea plantation. Please help!

Open field and work place (center white roof)
Current workshop site
Model (protected by the roof)
Open field that has turned into a dwarf
Pay a spear
Tea plantations and yuko trees currently being cultivated
Did you know that Doro has opened a large field in Uedera? It started in Meiji 17 and was completed in 34. This is to cultivate the raw materials that are produced at the rescue clinic. It will take you up to 17 km, so it takes about 5.6 drive from the rescue center. I built a workshop here for convenience, but it is a building made up of Doro walls and bricks, and now only the walls remain.
The workshop was designated as a historical site in the city, but in addition, it was selected as one of the important components of the masonry village landscape of the Nagasaki City Outer Sea in Heisei 24. It was.
However, even important things are exposed to wind and rain, and their deterioration and collapse are progressing. A roof will be put on for protection, and a plan to utilize the inside is underway. As a result of studying the masonry and making it possible to observe the masonry, we decided to make tea. Set a tea pot inside and make a place to make blue tea (green tea) and black tea (tea). This is based on the fact that there is a recipe for Father de Rotz's black tea.
Therefore, it was decided to turn the cultivated vineyards that had turned into strawberries into tea plants. When cutting shrubs and casks and cultivating them with heavy machinery, the 6 terraced open field at that time appeared. It is spectacular because it is the area of ​​2 town walk. At the end of 2, Sogi tea (Higashisonogi-cho) will be ready to plant and prepare for planting. This year, about 1600 trees will be planted.
We are planning to plant seedlings on the 3 month 8.9.10 day. I would like to request in advance, so please check "News & Topics" on this page for details. We look forward to.

Bamboo forest, clean! Itoen-san of tea

Bamboo grove along the Shitsu Church
Cut bamboo
Go to the tea pot as a bowl
1 month 19 day (Saturday) sunny. At 9 in the morning, Ochano ITO EN, Nagasaki and Sasebo branch gathered for cleaning volunteers. The younger brothers usually take care of drink vending machines. 14 names, including 4 employees and their children, 2 names from Nagasaki World Heritage Division.
The bamboo forest along the road from the rescue center to the Dezu Church was quite thick.
Cut the bamboo from the field, drop the branches, cut it into small straws. Pull out the dead bamboo, drop the branches, and turn it into a bowl. Saw, nata, sickle. I was able to quickly use tools that are not usually related, and I cut off the shrubs and finished it clean. A lot of rice cakes were made, so they were stacked outside with a tea pot and prepared for this year's tea.
Lunch is curry. I was very pleased when it was delicious, but I did n’t have enough rice. Next, I need to cook more. Another reflection, I forgot to take a photo again. I'm sorry that I can't introduce you to everyone.
“I will see you again next year!” I promised with a smile and gratefully sent off.

happy New Year.

Dawn / Sasebo City
Big bonbon
Happy New Year, everyone.
Gentle and full of sun, Nagasaki opened the New Year.
The greeting was late, but I spent the New Year holidays in Sasebo. Because it is a sister, it is for prayer practice. Nonetheless, it ’s like a day off, and you have three meals (and of course, New Year's meals) and spend the days of praying in the warm cathedral and your room. I refreshed my mind and body and got a job.
Asahi rises from a small residential area at dawn in Sasebo. I met a very beautiful daybreak. The prayer house where I stayed has many plum trees, and I narrowed my eyes to the blooming 2 and 3 wheels. Many mandarin orange trees are planted, and a large bonito attracts attention. Yahata seems fruitful and happy It was a pity that we needed a little more time to taste.
The Rescue Center is crowded with people who used the winter vacation. I hope you enjoy the love of De Lo and God again this year.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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