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Former Shitsu Aid Center with a good view of Sotome
Remains bring all love for humanity by Father de Rotz
Full view of Former Shitsu Aid Center
Hand down the princliple.
Current activity by people involved in Former Shitsu Aid Center
Welcome to Former Shitsu Aid Center Official website. It is our pleasure to have you here.
Marco Mary de ro father
I want to Help the People of Sotome Escape from Poverty.
The French missionary Father Marc Marie de Rotz came to Sotome area in 1879 and devoted a great deal of time and care for agriculture, fishery, medicine and education activity to help local residents in poor. Former Shitsu Aid Center is one of his contribution and was built as Vocational Training Workshop for women in 1883. Also it was founded with the help of members of Community of St-Joseph (currently known as Congregation of Mary of the Annunciation) established and trained by him.
December 2013, part of these facility have been nationally designated important cultural properties as valuable remains of facility providing jobs and welfare in early Meiji era and cannot be more important to hand down its history and culture. April 2013, the facility has opened to public after preservation repairs completed. People come visit the facility and we have some activities supported by successor to Father de Rotz' principle.
Please feel free to come visit here.

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