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Udera's work place

Udera's work site
From the work site
Harvested watermelon
Sesame flower
 Near the top of the mountain, which is an hour's climb from the rescue center, there is a field cleared by Mr. De Rot.People in the area who write Ohira are called "Udera". It is a field of two towns that has been reclaimed over 17 years.It seems that the raw materials for the products manufactured at the rescue center were produced here.
 A workshop was built here for the convenience of work and storage.There was also a stable for De Rot's beloved horse, Pucho.Mr. De Rot seems to have kept an answering cat so that mice would not come here, and there is a record that he had a reward fish.
 Right now, only the masonry de Rotz wall and the brick wall remain, but plans are underway to preserve these walls.This is because if it is left as it is, it will deteriorate and become rubble.It's like a very dreamy plan ...If it is finished, it will be used.I'm looking forward to it.
 Watermelon, harvested.This year, only one fruit was produced properly ... 1K.But it was a very sweet watermelon!Now, sesame seeds are also bearing flowers and fruits.

This heat

Parking lot flowers
Takasago Yuri
How are you all?
Many people come to visit us during the summer and Bon holidays. However, I feel sorry for the heat. At least, De Ro's cool tea is pleased.
Well, when I contacted the Cultural Property Division, thinking that I had to turn on the air conditioner at the pharmacy site (reception desk), I immediately went to confirm the installation location, but I was warmly welcomed by the dialogue at this time. Two of the leaders, “Cultural assets are important, but if you don't use a cooler, it seems to affect people's lives.” “At this time, is it okay if swallows fly? "I feel that the number of stray cats has been reduced" ... What a kind heart!
This spring, the children of Akamedaka who hatched at the rescue center have grown a lot, but they are still in the basin. I'd like to move it to a large bowl, but I'm waiting for it to cool down as the temperature in the bowl rises. I am worried that the color is light because it is not exposed to the sun.
I couldn't get tired well because I couldn't sleep well, and my back was stretched to Yuri Takasago.
    White lily does not bloom quickly Atsuki morning

It is hot! Robust vegetables ...

Indigo stretched
Watermelon 1
Watermelon 2
Summer flowers
 We often hear in the news that it is record-breaking or once every few decades.It's certainly hot.Everyone who comes soaked in sweat is pleased with the cold blue tea of ​​Muro.The days when the keeper is empty and hurriedly add more are increasing.
 Vegetables and flowers are the best things to do in this sunshine!Watermelon bears fruit this year as well.Corn will be fruitful soon.Indigo has also grown.The future concern is badgers.I love corn.Of course, watermelon.When I think it's about time, they will harvest it in my stomach first, so the people in the friendly area smile with a bitter smile, "Please leave a little."I'm working on how to take measures to harvest this first.Do you mess with it?

World Heritage Site‼ It ’s a late report, but…

Celebration poster
Dezu Village (From Road Station Yuhigaoka Sotome)
 Shortly before 6:30 on Saturday, June 18, a mallet was struck, which was confirmed as a World Heritage Site, "Hidden Christian Sites in Nagasaki and Amakusa Region".There was great cheers and applause from those who were watching the Bahraini council in public viewing.What impressed me was that the ambassadors of each country gave high marks and recommended words and congratulations.They were familiar face ambassadors who visited us for the inspection.And above all, the words of Mayor Taue, who gave a message of joy in the field, "The deep faith of the Christians who protected in the harsh conditions is the basis of this World Heritage Site."
 This rescue center is also located in a corner of the world cultural heritage "Izutsu Village".This is the site of the Shoya mansion, so it is also a place that has a deep connection with Christians.Please come in contact with the firm faith that the Christians have preserved even after camouflaging.And please touch the spirit of Mr. De Rot, who was very poor for this reason, and made efforts to save lives and improve the area after the abolition of the persecution of Christianity.
 By the way, Typhoon No. 7 was terrible.I realized that the typhoon that blows in the south wind is a big deal for this rescue center and for the church.I wasn't prepared enough because I thought lightly, so I was sick.Moreover, it was a strong wind almost all day for a long time ...Thanks to you, I am relieved that there is no damage.

Turn wheat into flour. Go to the mill in the rain!

Dry wheat
Indigo plant
Begonia beside the watermill
 News that the rainy season is over in the north!I am very surprised.
 Today, I went to a rice mill (which also mills) in Omodaka, Saikai City, to ask for milling. It takes almost an hour, so we depart before welcoming the visitors and before 1 o'clock.It's raining from the morning, and it's getting off quite a bit.My uncle told me that it was dry, so I left it with confidence.
 The wheat sown in late autumn last year is cut and threshed in May.When the sun is there, it is dried and dried, and finally it becomes powder.The yield is low this year, but the volunteers did their best.Make pasta and bread.
 The kittens born here will grow up and come to play.The claws are sharpened while being firmly guarded by the parent cat.When I peek, the mother cat has its fangs peeled and the kittens are playing innocently.Only two come to play, and one seems to have a leg injury.The mother cat with its fangs is a little sloppy.I find it difficult to live.
    In the rainy season, sharpen the kitten's claws.
 The indigo seeds I received are sprouting and growing.It seems that sowing was late, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it will look like.
Former Shitsu Aid Center
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