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Yuuko is starting to change color

Yuuko who started to color
Let's go
Yuuko peel
Honey Yuuko
From the beginning of the month of 12, Yuuko, a special product, began to change color. Yuuko, which is said to have originated from a missionary, has been planted in each house in the open sea and has been used as a substitute for vinegar.
It can be used just like eggplant and lemon, and is also a citrus fruit that attracts attention as a special product.
There are various variations at the rescue clinic. Inside the blue, use the epidermis to make yuko pepper, the inner skin to make yuko peel (orange peel arrangement), and add the honey to the juice inside. All are pleased with everyone.
Please try it if you have a chance. When the skin is blue, it is mint green, and when it is yellow, a lemon peel is finished.

Christmas wreath prototype

Christmas wreath prototype a
Prototype b
We made a Christmas wreath prototype at the rescue staff. For the experience.
I grew cotton this year, so I used it as the main. The cotton is white, so it's a pretty elegant finish.
It's easy because you just need to insert the dried flowers into the base. Would you like to make it?

Finally resale! “Fr. De Lo”

Change title with Father De Lo
A lot of color photos
over the counter
The book of De Loo who has been waiting has been resold.
Kataoka Yakichi, Father De Lo, Tomo Shobo Publishing
A book published under the title of "A Meiji Welfare Image" that was out of print and long gone. The late Professor Yoshikichi Kataoka, who was a professor at Junshin University, carefully researched Father De Lo and his activities. It was resold with the cooperation of Professor Yayoshi's son.
In the background of specialist Christian history, we introduce De Ro and his achievements in various fields.
As for the reason for changing the title, “Father wanted to be“ Fr. de Lo ”from the first edition, but that was the title that accepted the publisher ’s hope. Professor Chizuruko taught me. Please take a look.
It is also in the rescue office. 1500 yen + tax

I am blessed with beautiful sunny weather

I dug while sweating
Yakimochi was also made
Studying masonry culture
Fun soup
On November 16th (Saturday), I enjoyed digging for firewood thanks to the good weather.
There were 17 participants and the number of participants was small. Up to 1 kilometer was promised to be taken away free of charge, but the children seemed to want to take out what they dug and bought a lot. The staff of the Nagasaki City World Heritage Division introduced the masonry culture and studied fairly well. At the end, I got a soup. Volunteers in charge of the soup stock were worried that it was boiled for a long time and a lot of soup was made, but it was delicious when it was delicious.
Four staff members including the manager of the Nagasaki City World Heritage Division supported the fun digging. I was able to play well with the teaching of the study group, surprisingly the goodness of being treated as an infant, and the fact that it was completely used.
Another group is more than 10 volunteer members of Uedera. We were also in charge of preparations before digging the field, mowing the surrounding area, preparing firewood potatoes, support for digging, and making soup.
Thanks to everyone who participated, the people who served, and God who prepared the wonderful weather!
2-tier shelf with bulletin board
Pope Francisco's books are displayed and arranged
Lined up handmade goods of sisters and lay people
The driftwood display is wonderful!
please look!
The display of the product display has become fashionable. Mr. Masaya Tabuchi, who moved to the Ono village, arranged products on chairs and shelves made from driftwood that came to the beach of the open sea. When I was talking with Mr. Tanabe who visited the rescue center, he said, “Do you need a chair?” It's nice to have one and place the product! Please, 4 items including shelves will be arranged. What a free! I'm so sorry, but I enjoy making it while working.
Occasionally the next day I decided to sell Pope Francisco's books. The poster of the posting space is shining.
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